Who We Are

All of us at Inphantry are driven by the same thing: the desire to get it right. Whether that’s good design, precise development or working as hard as humanly possible to answer the difficult questions you put in front of us. We specialize in creating memorable experiences for our clients and their customers; they’re always personal, and often powered by technology.


From paper, to pixels, to a living, breathing experience, we want to make whatever’s happening inside your head a reality. We love emerging technologies and the chance to make them more approachableseamlessly weaving the latest innovations into our clients’ events, brand activations, product launches and retail environments. But that doesn’t mean we hide behind high-tech solutions. We’re up for building any kind of experience that’s going to resonate with real people, and that doesn’t always happen in front of a screen.

  • + Branding & Identity
  • + Digital Strategy
  • + Website Design
  • + User Interface Design
  • + Motion Graphics
  • + Web Apps & Products
  • + Mobile Design
  • + Video Production
  • + Social Campaigns
  • + Digital Installations / Retail
  • + Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • + User Experience Design


We’re friends first and Inphantry second. And we consider ourselves insanely lucky that the “ad agency” we started in 2010 has grown into a lot more (for starters, we don’t need to use those air quotes anymore).

Kevin Lee

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Derek Tran

Co-Founder, Technical Director

Paul Saraiva

Executive Producer

Manuel Flores

Art Director

Kevin 'Kilo' Thomas

Senior Interactive Developer
Headshot of a guy wearing a hat. His name is Kyle.

Kyle Couture

Director of Video Production

Cameron King

New Business Director

Trevor Metcalfe

Associate Media Producer